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I don’t know how to write my CV. Can you help me?

Yes, we are here to ensure that we guide you in making an amazing CV that stands out from the rest. We have various templates, samples, and experiences which we would be happy to share with you. Let's work together to get you selected!

Is HIREMEUAE a local or international agency?

We are a national-based agency and decided to focus completely on the market we understand and the market that knows us for what we do best.

How are you different from other agencies?

As we have been in the UAE market for over 10 years, we have developed systems, flexible, and tech-friendly approaches to cater to the needs of our clients and job seekers. Still not sure, just ask around in the market!

Where is your office located?

Due to the recent market changes, we have adopted a flexible, safe, and suitable approach for our clients, vendors, candidates, and employees; therefore we are currently working remotely and are available by appointment only.